The pandemic has caused a shift in gym culture and as a result a number of people cannot or may not feel comfortable returning to gyms. In addition to this many people are now working from home and may not have the time to attend a gym.


However  Covid-19 does not mean that your exercise regime needs to come to a complete halt, there are many effective workouts you can do at home remotely to burn fat, increase strength and improve cardo-vascular function...even if you are lacking in gym equipment.

How does it work?


I am offering home visit sessions where applicable distancing measures are able to be maintained. If this is not an option then I am also offering Zoom sessions via webcam. 


Get in touch to get started or find out more.

Work Out at Home

Zoom is the recommended solution for live video PT, but if you have alternative apps (e.g. Whatsapp/Facetime calls) then we can review this during consultation.

How do the sessions work?

Upon initial contact you will be asked for a list of any gym equipment you have(if any) and sessions for both home training pr Zoom will be tailored around this.


If you have no equipment available don’t worry there are large number of bodyweight exercises and improvisations we can use to ensure that you can still make progress. For home visits, adjustable dumbells and kettlebells


Dietary Advice


This is included and we can discuss this via zoom. You can still loose weight even in the absence of sufficient training. However obviously when exercises is thrown in to compliment a structured diet the whole process is sped up drastically. We use an app for this in which we track calories suitied to your specific goals

Training outside of Zoom


As part of specific packages, clients will be given session to do by themselves in addition to any sessions with me. Training frequency = faster progress

For more information on pricing please check out the details on pricing and packages and get in touch!