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Centre for Sport and Exercise


Personal Training sessions are conducted at the Centre for Sport and Exercise, located at

46 Pleasance, Edinburgh , EH89TJ

You do not need to be a member to attend sessions, and will get full access to all of the facilities.

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Private Personal Training Gym


​The studio is exclusive to personal training clients, and has a range of equipment to suit your needs

  • Multifunctional rig with 2x squat rack

  • Dumbells ranging from 1kg to 30kg

  • Kettlebells up to 30kg

  • Cable machine

  • TRX

  • Spin bike

  • Prowler and track

  • Various boxes ranging in height for box jumps etc

  • Three benches

  • Battle ropes

  • Medicine balls

Cardio gym


This 100 station state-of-the-art cardiovascular suite of Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes


  • 45 treadmills

  • 28 cross-trainers

  • 19 upright bikes

  • 7 Adaptive Motion Trainers

  • 3 recumbent bikes

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Body Conditioning


An air conditioned stretching area offering foam rollers and light weights

  • 25 Adaptive Motion Trainers

  • 10 upright bikes

  • 15 matted ‘CSE my-pod’ stations

  • 4 rowing machines

  • A range of light studio weights

  • Fit balls

  • Medicine balls


Free Weights


There are three dedicated free weights training rooms designed for training at various levels

Free Weights: Vaults
45 state-of-the-art bench weights stations housed over two vaulted cellars. 

  • 36 power-lift benches

  • Ivanko dumb-bells; 6-70 kilogrammes

  • Six power-lifting platforms

  • Two Pullum cable machines


Free Weights: Olympic

  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) approved Olympic competition bars and plates

  • Olympic benches and cages

  • Four power racks

  • Six Olympic lifting platforms

  • Chin/dip station


Circuits gym

  • Dumbbells: 1-12.5 kilogrammes

  • Barbells: 4-25 kilogrammes

Fixed Weights


The Eric Liddell gym houses one of the biggest Precor installations in the UK. With 36 stations you will have ample opportunity to reap the benefits of resistance training.

All the machines are well-equipped and provide a stable platform for you to build muscle tone, muscle strength and muscle endurance.

In addition, the Eric Liddell gym has eight Precor cable and pulley stations.

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