Covid-19 Remote/Online Training


With the UK in lockdown and gyms being closed for the foreseeable future exercise options are more limited than ever. I believe exercise is still crucial during this period for both for physical and mental wellbeing.


Covid-19 does not mean that your exercise regime needs to come to a complete halt, there are many effective workouts you can do at home remotely to burn fat, increase strength and improve cardo-vascular function...even if you are lacking in gym equipment.

How does it work?


There are various packages available which are detailed below to suit all fitness levels. Sessions are run via zoom over webcam allowing me to see your technique, dissect your form and provide exercise guidance and demonstration


Get in touch to get started or find out more.

What if I have no equipment?


Upon initial contact you will be asked for a list of any gym equipment you have(if any) and sessions will be tailored around this. However if you have no equipment available don’t worry there are large number of bodyweight exercises and improvisations we can use to ensure that you can still make progress.

Dietary Advice

This is included and we can discuss this via zoom. You can still loose weight even in the absence of sufficient training. However obviously when exercises is thrown in to compliment a structured diet the whole process is sped up drastically. We use an app for this in which we track calories suitied to your specific goals

Training outside of Zoom


As part of specific packages, clients will be given session to do by themselves in addition to any zoom sessions with me

Remote Training Packages

There are a range of pricing options available, to be flexible to whatever your current home situation is

Monthly Blocks(4 weeks) 1 hour sessions

  • 1 session per week(4 week block) – £100

  • 2 sessions per week (4 week block)- £ 176

  • 3 sessions per week (4 week block) - £240

Looking to the future and going forward

Once lockdown is lifted I will be running outdoor sessions. These will be done with social distancing measure in place and equipment will be disinfected after each client. Clients will also be encouraged to wear their own gloves/face coverings where appropriate. 

A range of equipment will be provided, including:

  • Barbell up to 160kg

  • Trx

  • Dumbells

  • Speed ladders

  • Core equipment

  • Punching bags



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