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Who is Online Training for?


This is accessible for everybody but particularly a good option for those who have training experience and want the benefits of a programme but don’t want/need the weekly sessions. 

This is a cost effective solution for those who may not have the disposable income for regular sessions

Benefits of Remote/Online Training


  • Access to bespoke App with individualised programme including demo videos of each exercise technique 

  • Programme tailored entirely to your fitness goal

  • Support in the form of a weekly check in and support via whatsapp

  • Nutritional guidance and monitoring 

  • Accountability 


Get in touch to get started or find out more.


How does it work?


Get in touch via email, phone or the contact form on my website.

We then establish your goals, review your training history and come up with a well structured, per-iodised programme that will fit around your lifestyle and produce results

You will be given a copy of your programme which will include access to our bespoke flexible App, and you will also be given an excel copy of your programme over email.

We arrange a weekly check-in/catch up to gauge progress.

I can be contacted via whatsapp for any questions you may have regarding your training and your programme

Prices are only £60 per month for all of the above.

Diet Plan
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