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I am a personal trainer in Edinburgh who is committed to providing an excellent standard of service to those who wish to improve their physical fitness and change their lifestyle. 

Sport, fitness and health are my passions in life and have shaped my education and career choices to date, together with my future aspirations and goals. I have a degree in Applied Sports Science from Edinburgh University. I have been lifting weights since 2001 having first started at the age of 15 and I have literally lived in gyms ever since. That’s 20 years of experience in strength & conditioning environments and in this time I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience that cannot be learned from any course but from having been there, done it and experienced it myself. I believe as a PT you should practise what you preach - If your coach hasn’t had substantial experience of training themselves can you trust them to train you??!

I have had a long career in the fitness industry. Starting out as a fitness Instructor in 2006 and a PT  since  2009. In this time I have delivered thousands of PT sessions and I have an excellent reputation having established myself as one Edinburgh’s top personal trainers. I have worked from clients aged 12 to 78 and from complete beginners to International Athletes and celebrities. 

In a day and age where literally anybody with no experience can qualify and become a PT in 6 weeks it is important that you Invest your time and money wisely and book up with somebody who knows EXACTLY what they’re doing and achieve your results fast!




Rugby Player, Scotland & British Lions

I coached Watsonians rugby club for two years and Martin was in charge of all the strength and conditioning for the club during that time. His well structured, focused programmes and no nonsense approach in the gym and on the training pitch allowed the players, at all levels, to make huge progress and gains in their strength, fitness and body composition. It helped that Martin can always lead by example, as he is a tremendous athlete who clearly leaves no stone unturned in his approach to maximising his own strength, speed and endurance.

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